October 28, 2010

Congress Considers Taxing Kids' Halloween Tricks and Treats

Parents across the country are up in arms at a proposal in the Senate to put a tax on the candy handed out at Halloween. The proposed tax would require one candy for every ten collected, and two candies for every trick played. The legislation would also create millions of new jobs for one night, as candy collectors are put on nearly every street corner to count the candies kids have in their bags and take the required amount for Uncle Sam.

"It's taking candy from babies, that's what it is," complains parent Joe Hidson, "but they are politicians - I suppose I shouldn't be surprised."

When asked what Congress intends to do with the candy windfall, sources admitted that Senators are still working that out. One popular proposal would create the first National Candy Bank, while another would save the candy for after-dinner snacks when Congress finishes eating all its pork.

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