October 30, 2010

Store Puts Up 4th of July Decorations Before Halloween

How early is too early to put up 4th of July Decorations? Harry Henderson's Hardware of Hidalgo, New Mexico, has sent a message to his small town that one can celebrate the 4th of July all year round. Town inhabitants recently woke up to see Henderson's store blazing with red, white and blue chasing lights, a giant flag in the window, and a statue of liberty sprinkler out front.

"It's just awful," lamented Steve Openheimer, the owner of the grocery store across the street, "He hasn't even waited until Halloween is over. Those decorations will be up for nearly a year! It's holiday creep, that's what it is. Next people will start putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween, and then even before Easter."

When asked how a holiday that is named after a specific day of a specific month can be celebrated in October and for most of the rest of the year, Mr. Henderson refused to answer and mumbled something about apple pie.

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