November 10, 2010

Elvis Impersonators Mistakenly Apply for Elves' Jobs at North Pole

Elvis Goes to the North Pole

Everyone has been hit by the economy, including Elvis impersonators. So when a group of Elvis impersonators misread an employment notice advertising for Elves working at the North Pole, Santa Claus did his best to accommodate.

"It said Elves, we read Elvis. Simple as that," said Tom Bryerson, one of the impersonators, "Really, it's all in how you pronounce it."

When asked how the visitors from Vegas are doing in their new employment, most elves agreed that the impersonators are taller than the average elf, don't have the same hand-eye-toy coordination, and use their hips a bit more. However, they also noted that it has been great to "have a bit of diversity in the music."

It is unclear whether Mr. Claus intends to keep the Elvis elves on after the Christmas demand has passed, but there are rumors that a number of the elves are thinking about going to Vegas after the holidays to "get their groove on."

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