November 8, 2010

Smoothie Shop Tests New Turkey Smoothie

Ask any of the customers at Sam's Smoothies of Archer, Arizona what they think of Sam and you will get one word repeated often: "Visionary." So when Sam unveiled a new turkey-flavored smoothie for the Thanksgiving season, few were surprised.

"Last year, Sam had a Butter Roll Smoothie and a Yam Smoothie, so it's natural that this year he would tackle the turkey," said long-time client Genevieve Diggory, "I'm just surprised there's no cranberry smoothie to put on top of it."

Not all of Sam's customers are so pleased, however. "It's animal cruelty to blend up a turkey. He should be using tofu," ranted Jeremy Wendells, "and besides, the thing tastes awful."

When asked about his new concoction, Sam had no comment, but he did provide a list of other holiday favorites he intends to sell, including his new Turkey Gizzard Frozen Yoghurt.

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