December 8, 2010

One Horse Open Sleigh Gets Upsot

Holiday plans went awry on Tuesday for Paul Gero when his one horse open sleigh ran into a drifted bank and got upsot. Mr. Gero then pulled out the woman seated by his side, Miss Fanny Bright. Eyewitnesses say Mr. Gero was quite upset at the upsotting.

"There we were, having a fine time. The bells were jingling, we were laughing our way through the fields and singing sleighing songs," said Mr. Gero. "Oh, what fun we were having. Then suddenly our horse, who was quite lean and lank, ran right into that bank of snow. It was like he didn't even see the thing."

Police say they do not plan on giving Mr. Gero a speeding ticket, even though he admits his sleigh was dashing through the snow.

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