December 15, 2010

Rudolph In Fight, Gets Black Nose

Sources in the North Pole report that a recent fight between Prancer and Rudolph left Prancer with a black eye and Rudolph with a black nose.

Allegedly, the fight began because Prancer was not letting Rudolph play any reindeer games. Rudolph politely requested to be a part of the games, but when Prancer started calling Rudolph names, Rudolph lost control and attacked Prancer.

"It was brutal," said one elf who witnessed the whole brawl, "They were both swinging their antlers and pawing at each other. When Prancer smacked Rudolph on the nose, his nose went all black and blue. It actually sort of looks like a regular reindeer's nose now."

It is unknown what Santa will do now that the sleigh has a headlight out. All witnesses agreed though that this fight will go down in history.

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