December 11, 2010

Santa Checks Naughty List Twice, Finds Discrepancies

Santa Claus announced today that in his check of the naughty list, he found several discrepancies the second time around. Mr. Claus, who is well-known for his naughty list and his OCD need to check it twice, said that several names that were on the list the first time appeared to have been crossed out before he checked it for the second time.

"Usually it's not surprising. It happens every year," explained Mr. Claus. "A few of those on the naughty list manage to make it on to the nice list. But this year there were some who should have definitely stayed on the naughty list."

Mr. Claus suspects that the naughty-listers may have found a way to bribe an elf to get them off the list. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling which elf, since they all have access to the list. Until further notice, Mr. Claus says that only he will have access to the list, and that this year he will be checking it four times, rather than the usual two.

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