November 6, 2013

Yam Growers Developing Yam-Flavored Marshmallows

Food scientists at the Yam Association Merchants of America (YAM America), today revealed that they are developing yam-flavored marshmallows. They say their innovation has the potential to revolutionize the yam industry as well as Thanksgiving dinners across America.

"When most people think about yams, they think about an orange potato covered in heaps of marshmallows," explained Ted Wessel, president of YAM America. "We feel like there is a market for those who want to just eat marshmallows but still want to keep the great taste of yams in their Thanksgiving dinner."

A recent survey found that nearly 4 in 10 Americans skim the marshmallows off their yams and leave the orange tubers sitting uneaten on their plate. Mr. Wessel expressed certainty that those people still wanted the great taste of yams, except "without all the nutrition."

YAM America expects the new marshmallows, which they are calling "yammallows," to be on the shelf a few days before Thanksgiving. They have already started putting up advertising with their new slogan "Yammy is Yummy."

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