December 2, 2013

North Pole Exploring Alternate Delivery Options

Soon after announced they were testing drones for package delivery, the North Pole announced that it too was testing drones for Christmas Eve deliveries.

"With the cost of feeding reindeer, we felt it was prudent to begin exploring alternate delivery options," explained spokeself Randall Sparklyeyes. "Kids around the world expect quick and efficient toy deliveries, and we feel like this has the potential to be a viable alternative to our current Christmas Eve strategy."

When asked whether children would be disappointed that the toy delivery would not include a visit from Santa, Mr. Sparkleyeyes said that surveys show 90% of all kids care more about the toys they received than the way those toys arrived at the house. Additionally, he said that if the North Pole decides to go ahead with the drones, Santa will continue making limited personal deliveries. That way, he said, no child will know for sure if their toys were delivered by Santa or by a drone.

It is unknown whether use of the drones would result in any reindeer layoffs.

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