December 4, 2013

Parents of Young Adults Want to Ban Popular Christmas Song

Thousands of parents across the nation today signed a petition to ban playing the song "I'll Be Home For Christmas" within 100 feet of any college campus or any other gathering place for young adults.

Jim Destrahan, the organizer of the petition, says that parents are worried that the songs lyrics are part of the reason so many young adults are coming back home to live permanently. "They hear these song lyrics and want to come home for Christmas. But then they stay. Forever."

Young adults were stunned when told of the petition.

"It's not like we want to stay in the basement forever or anything," said John Spiro. "I don't think I'd be there past the age of 45 or so."

Experts say that it's possible that the song might lead to more adults returning home, but there's no way to tell. That's not stopping Mr. Destrahan though. He says parents across the nation are signing the petition and buying t-shirts he has printed with the words "You'll be home for Christmas? Only in your dreams."

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