August 21, 2014

Mothers Group Plans Labor Day Protests

The International Mothers of Mercy (iMom) announced today that they will be protesting on the upcoming Labor Day holiday around the United States. The leader of the group, Veronica Hispus, expressed confidence that the protests would be peaceful and that none of the protesters would have to be sent to their room for misbehavior.

"We feel like Labor Day ought to celebrate the pain we put our bodies through in labor, not some nameless worker who really only wants the day off so he can go fishing," explained Ms. Hispus. "Labor is serious work, and mothers ought to be recognized for that work."

When one reporter pointed out that there is already a day to recognize mothers (Mother's Day), Ms. Hispus told him to change his attitude before she counted to four or he would not get any of the refreshments that had been planned for after the news conference.

The spokesman for the Labor Day Foundation responded to the news by encouraging mothers to unionize. Only then, he asserted, will mothers find adequate compensation for and protection against the dangerous conditions they must endure during their careers in motherhood. 

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