August 26, 2014

Survey Shows Lazy Labor Day For Most People

A new survey shows that 94% of Americans have little to no intention of performing any labor on Labor Day.

The survey, performed by the Work and Play Foundation of American, also asked respondents what they intended to do on Labor Day. 53% responded that they were looking forward to sitting in traffic on the way to visit relatives they didn't really want to visit, 34% responded that they intended to watch reality shows all day hoping to find some meaning in it all, and 7% said they were planning on starting a project at home that they would likely never finish.

"Our survey shows that most people think of Labor Day as a day when nothing of value is produced for the human race," explained Neville Trehume, the man who designed the survey.

In related news, the Travel Channel today announced that on Labor Day it will produce a new reality show titled "Travel With The Kardashians." Mr. Trehume pointed to that news as support for his assertion.

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