September 18, 2014

Man Develops Natural Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Martin Stuvesant, a scientist at Harvard University, today announced that he had developed a natural pre-lit Christmas tree.

"I hate to put up lights at Christmas, but I also love real Christmas trees, so I used all the spare time I had over the last ten years to develop this great tree," said Mr. Stuvesant, standing next to his creation.

According to Mr. Stuvesant, the tree is similar to the glow-in-the-dark sheep, pigs and fish that scientists have previously developed. Unfortunately, the tree only glows one color, but he says he will continue to work on that problem until he figures out a solution.

Early reviews suggest that although the tree looks great, when one needle falls out they all fall out and the whole tree goes dark. Mr. Stuvesant says he is aware of the issue and will include replacement needles to glue on the tree. He also says he wants to develop needles that will make the tree's natural glow blink on and off, just to "annoy the neighbors."

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