October 17, 2014

Man Develops Trick-or-Treat App

Every year on Halloween night, millions of kids flood the streets in costume, going door to door asking for candy. This year, however, some kids might be staying home and trick-or-treating not by ringing on doorbells, but by tapping the screen on their smartphone.

Kevin Edwards of Birmingham, Alabama says that he was tired of following his kids around every Halloween, so he developed a new app to let his kids gather treats right from their couch. The new app, called iTrick-or-iTreat, is sure to change the way kids spend their Halloween nights.

"I just felt like the thing about going door to door was outdated," explained Mr. Edwards. "Kids these days interact with the world differently. They shouldn't have to talk to real people face to face. They don't have those skills. So I made it possible for them to find real meaning on Halloween through digital social interactions. They can still have all the fun of Halloween while doing something more important like staying at home playing Angry Birds or watching T.V."

The new app connects to a parent's Facebook account and identifies which friends the parent wants his or her child to be able to trick-or-treat. Once the parent has set up the account, the child can click on virtual doors that open to show the friend's face. Kids then click on the friend's profile to begin the trick-or-treat interaction. A "trick-or-treat" notification is sent to the friend. After the notification is sent, a friend has one hour to upload money (the treat) to the PayPal account of the kid's parents, or a virus will be uploaded to their digital device (the trick).

"So far, it's been a real hit with my kids," said Mr. Edwards. "For some reason my friends don't seem too happy with it, especially those who ended up with the trick. I don't know why though, all the virus does make their screen look like it's been digitally toilet-papered for a little while."

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