October 14, 2014

Retailers Decide To Combine Halloween and Christmas Displays

Retailers across the country this year have been putting Christmas decorations out earlier than ever. This has led to a crunch in space for other seasonal decorations, but some savvy retailers have figured out a way to address the decoration difficulties.

Many stores have decided to combine their Halloween and Christmas decorations into one display. Steve's Craft Supplies, in Dearborn, Michigan, was one of the first to utilize this strategy.

Customers walking into Steve's are met with a large display of artificial Christmas trees draped not only in the usual Christmas ornaments but also in zombie masks, miniature pumpkins, and black tinsel. The whole thing is topped with a black witch's hat rather than the customary star.

"It's really been a conversation starter," said Steve, who was decked out in an ugly Christmas sweater and holding a scythe. "People have been coming in from all around the area to see the display. It's really popular. Some of the displays I decided to sell as a set, but for some reason not many people are buying the sets."

Steve said plans to have children sit on the Grim Reaper's lap to tell their Christmas wishes had to be scrapped following protests by parents, but he has left the Frankenstein mask on the life-size Santa decoration in front of his store.

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