October 8, 2014

Santa Claus Considering Halloween Deliveries

The North Pole today confirmed reports that Santa Claus is considering adding Halloween as at toy delivery day. The move comes as children around the world were trying to get their act together to qualify for the nice list ahead of the usual Christmas Eve delivery.

"We feel that by adding an extra day to the delivery schedule, we can more effectively service new and existing customers," explained a spokeself. "After careful consideration of all possible delivery days, we determined that Halloween deliveries would be the most cost-effective evening. Santa will be able to move freely without need for the usual secrecy. Most people will just assume he is someone in costume."

The costs of Christmas Eve deliveries had been skyrocketing in recent years. Toy making sub-contractors had realized that of Santa's toy demand occurred in December so many suppliers had started a practice of raising prices every year right when Santa needed his new toy supplies.

Plus, new regulations on flying reindeer had shortened the available delivery window on Christmas Eve. Those regulations meant that Santa had to delegate some of his delivery duties so he could finish on time. In recent years he had deployed additional sleighs with elves to deliver toys to the kids on the little-known "somewhat nice, but a little bit naughty" list.

The new Halloween deliveries should help address both of those issues. The North Pole, however, did not clarify whether Santa would deliver toys to good little zombie, goblin, ghoul or witch children.

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